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Caitlin Funston graduated from the University of Missouri, St Louis with a BFA in Printmaking in 2013. Given to experimentation in most every process she has practiced, her body of work has spread to include print, paint and mixed media, as well as cut and folded paper assemblages and video art.


        'My creative work has always been an escape from the anxiety of everyday life and the disquiet of the world around me. Painting is a meditative practice which allows me to tune out the surging drone of media, noise, and my obsessive desire to try to solve all of the world's problems. Creating an art piece enables me to limit my focus and concentrate on something small. Like a jazz musician, I tune out the wider world, let go of my inhibitions, and give my trained hands freedom to improvise within the structure of the composition. Painting is where most of my creations begin.

         I do not intend to dictate to the viewer. My work neither champions a specific worldview nor does it make a statement. Rather than inducing the viewer to contemplate a prescribed narrative, I prefer to provide a plane on which he or she may dwell and delight in the simple wonder of colors and shapes.  My pieces allow, perhaps even encourage, the audience to discern for themselves biological or mechanical forms held within or erupting from a saccharine atmosphere.

         My preference for bright colors, complex geometries, and organic patterns is inspired by childhood experience. The intricate designs of stained glass at the church where my father preached and the gaudy casino decor of Las Vegas (my home town) comprise the visual landscape of my earliest memories. The "day-glo" colors prominent in the 1980s and the Lisa Frank trapper-keepers I used in school during the 1990s influence my intrinsic palette heavily.'



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